"The Beach Twins and the

Search for Lost Gold"

Grades 3-4,   50 pages,

Diversity and Special Needs Awareness

Social action, Kindness to all!



How does 7 year-old Craig deal with a mean bully at Fall Baseball AND at school in Chicago?

Will the bully Keith ever leave Cub shortstop Craig alone? This book doubles as a workbook or its activity sheets can be reproduced freely by early childhood teachers.




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To date, and in order are, our Company's Best Selling Books!

1. Operation Code Name Zero Dark Thirty - The zaniest fourth grade class all-time!

2. Lt. Colonel John Laurens - non-fiction captivating storybook about this abolitionist HERO, perfect for elementary research or read aloud

3. HOW TO: Catch, Groom, and Tack Your Horse for Riding (S. Peterson)

4. Awesome Math Word Problems: Fourth Grade! (4th grade math resource for MN, ND, SD, WI students!)

5. Townsend, Tennessee: The First 125 Years (2nd Edition Photo-essay in the Great Smoky Mountains)

6. The Great Smoky Mountains and Cades Cove (photo-essay)

Recommended Books!

Recommended Books!

Current Books!

1. Deer Hunting in North America

2. A Scientific Study of the 2016 White-tail Rut in MN

3-5. [SET] The Haunted Mansion, The Lost Treasure of Union Company 56-B, and Secret in the Swamp - All three books for $18.00 !

6-8. [SET] The Lost Campsite of the Smokies- About the Dylan Bros. of Heritage High in Townsend, TN !, The White Buck of the Smokies- Book 2 the Dylans hope to sniff out a heinous poacher selling bear parts on the black market...,  and The Viking Relic - Book 3 in which The Dylans go to Minnesota in search of Viking evidence from 1000 A.D. !

9-12. The Petie de Vet Series (Grade 3 aspiring Veterinarian!)

-----all Four Books for $24 dollars!

13-15. All Four Books from The Beach Kids series... for Grades 3-4 All 4 for $24!

{The Beach Kids and The Lost Lemur!,

Searching for Lost Pirate Treasure,    & both   "Beach Twins"}

16-17. Non-fiction- Two Colonial gentlemen and abolitionists who were completely ahead of their time, in these excellent historical storybooks, perfect for grades 3-5: Lt. Colonel John Laurens and Ben Franklin's Fight Against Slavery- Both for $12.00.



Pilot Down Presumed Eaten - A conflicted boy in Minnesota is torn in two whether to escape with $600,000.00 or do what is right. A touch of Gary Paulsen? S.E. Hinton?

2. BIOGRAPHY- Escape From el Salvador- the Lionel F. story

3. HOW TO: Catch, Groom, and Tack Your Horse for Riding (S. Peterson)

4. RESOURCE BOOKS-  two books in the Petie deVet series, all books in Beach Kids series 1-3, The Haunted Mansion, The Viking Relic, Awesome Math Word Problems: Fourth Grade! and others -always with photocopying rights for the purchasing educator

5. PHOTO-ESSAY- Minnesota Naturalist Journal- The Black-Eyed Susans are Dying Now -photography by Ryan Feist , illustrated by David Feist

6. AUTOBIOGRAPHY- b/w and color versions of What I Remember growing up with my parents Al and Gloria, siblings J- and C-, Nancy and the children , on to now here with Yulonda, Erin, Craig, Ryan, & Cody, Mau, Little Girl, Eddy, and Mooey!

7. HEALING FROM PTSDCoping After Tragic Sudden Loss    -proven effective healing tips, for the time period after the shock of tragedy

8. HISTORICAL FICTION- Massacre Averted: Martha's Story 1797 - a young girl and her family emigrate to Ohio where they meet a desperate Seneca brave

 Publisher's Suggestion:

Townsend, Tennessee: The First 125 Years

      Within the next decade, the perfect small- town American village of Townsend, Tennessee will turn 125 years old. Trace the priceless Great Smokies Foothill community of Townsend through the logging days until now, in its present joyful state as the pent quintessential relaxation, woods, and golf retreat.  There is something for everyone in Townsend, starting with peace and quiet the entire length of your stay.

-Over 85 Titles in Diverse

Author- David Feist